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Who are is managed by Isabella Lin Yi-ling, and is a division of Five L International Ltd, with clients all over the world.

Isabella and her staff specialise in arranging weddings and wedding vow renewals, including Western and/or Balinese style ceremonies, legal formalities, party catering, photo and video shooting, and everything else you need to make your event unforgettable. An in-house wedding boutique is part of the organisation.

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How do I start to plan my wedding?
We’re here to make the process as easy and painless as possible. Visit our My Bali Wedding pages to find out all you need to know about planning your wedding.
What kind of wedding venues can I choose from?
You can choose anything from a beachfront resort to a cliff-top chapel. Visit our Venues pages for some great recommendations. Don’t forget that we can work with anybody, so if you have a suggestion of your own, let us know. Many venues come with some great packages, including decoration, food and beverage, etc. We can negotiate these on your behalf.
What religion should we choose for the legal wedding?
By Indonesian law, a couple is required to be of the same religion for a wedding to be legal. If you are of Christian faith, we recommend a Protestant wedding ceremony, as you won't need any certificate from your home church.
What if I have no religion?
By Indonesian law, you must state a religion to marry. If you do not have a religion, you can have a blessing in Bali and organise your legal marriage certificate back home.
What choice of wedding dress do I have?
Bali Wedding Planners cooperate with several high-quality wedding boutiques in town, and offer a choice of white bridal dresses as well as many evening dresses in different styles and colours. All collections follow the latest global fashion trends. We are frequently updating our collection to keep up with the latest styles.
Can I trust your make-up artist?
We believe you should be as beautiful as possible on this important day and the best make up should look natural as well as stunning. Artists use high quality cosmetic products such as MAC, Chanel, Estee Lauder and Guerlain. Also, to avoid any disappointment, we offer a free test make-up session two days before your wedding. That way, you can work together with our make-up artist to achieve the result you expect.
When is the best month and best time to host the wedding in Bali?
In general, Bali has tropical weather, which means it is summertime the whole year round. However, during rainy season – around November to February – we recommend you have a back-up plan with the venue in case of inclement weather. Mid-morning around 10am and late afternoon around 4:30pm are best times to host the wedding.
Can we have our own wedding vows during the ceremony?
Absolutely. In fact we strongly encourage our couples to make their own vows to make the ceremony truly personal and special.
How long does the wedding ceremony take place?
A Protestant wedding ceremony usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes, and a civil legal wedding will take about 15 minutes. Ceremonies for other religions, such as Muslim or Catholic, will take about 45 minutes.
Do you offer a same-sex wedding service?
Yes. There are lots of beautiful spots in Bali for any couple to exchange their vows, whether opposite or same sex. We celebrate diversity and are happy to make the dreams of same-sex couples come true.
Can a same-sex wedding ceremony be legally carried out in Bali?
To date, same sex marriages are not legally recognised in Indonesia. Same-sex couples can choose to have blessing ceremony, hosted by a non-religious celebrant.
Where can we see pictures to judge the skills of your beauticians, hair stylists and photographers?
All photos on the website are shot by our photographers, with all make-up done by our make-up experts and hair stylists. Please visit our pages and judge yourself.
What is the difference between a Grand and Deluxe photo shoots?
The photographer is an experienced professional and speaks fluent English. Therefore, he/she is easily able to communicate with wedding couples with regards to the style you want. All photos will be presented in a customised photo album.
This is a standard photo shoot where the photographer is a trainee professional and speaks only limited English.
We are only looking for a blessing ceremony as we already have all legal documents. What choices do we have?
You can choose either a Balinese Wedding Ceremony or a Protestant Wedding Ceremony without any legal formalities. Please check out our wedding packages for more details.
We have been married for several years already and are looking for a Wedding Vows Renewal service. Can Bali Wedding Planners help with that?
Our services are not only for new couples. Bali Wedding Planners has arranged many Wedding Vow Renewal ceremonies in the past. These can include a Balinese or Protestant ceremony with a priest, or you can create the ceremony of your dreams for yourself.
We are looking for something really different. What can you offer?
For the couple looking for a truly unique experience in Bali, we offer elephant rides, bungee jumping, sailboat cruises, diving, helicopter transfers, and more. In fact you can ask us for anything, and we’ll try our best to make it happen.
There are some components in your wedding packages we don't need. Can we deduct them from the package price?
These prices are only for complete packages that include a number of components without extra charge. If you don’t want to book the complete package, please choose from our "Wedding a la Carte" offers and we can custom-tailor your own wedding package.
Can you arrange the shooting of wedding photos if we don't book a wedding ceremony?
Yes, we offer our "Rama & Sinta Wedding Package" which specialises in photo shooting. Our make-up artist and hair stylists will make you feel like a super star with two different hairstyles. Photos can be taken on the beach, in a tropical garden, in a private villa, in a Balinese temple, etc. Contact us to find out more.
How can we book accommodation for our family and friends?
Our associates and offer a wide range of villas and hotels of all categories at reduced prices. For more details please visit and
Why should we use your services instead of going to a hotel directly?
Many couples may opt to go directly to the hotel due to slightly lower prices. However, many services are not included if you really read through all details. There are many advantages in using Bali Wedding Planners. We handle all communications and deal with the hotel directly when it comes to minor or major negotiations, from the start of your planning to the wedding day itself. When you are busy on your wedding day, the last thing you want is to deal with such issues.

All our services are in-house, from photography to make-up & hair stylists and florists, who are all professional trained.
We are overseas. Can you negotiate the price for the dinner and/or decoration if we decide to get married at a hotel?
Once you have confirmed Bali Wedding Planners as your wedding organiser, we will handle all arrangements, including negotiations for your wedding venue and reception, dinner party, etc. For more information, visit our My Bali Wedding pages.
When should we make our reservation?
Please book all arrangements as early as you can to avoid any disappointment on getting the dates and venue of your choice. We prefer to have a minimum of two months before the big event to book the priest and other officials, the musicians, dancers, photographers, and to secure the best wedding venue for you. The earlier you book the better.
What are your payment terms?
Once you decide to use us as your wedding planner, whether in part or for the full service, we required 35% deposit when you make the reservation. The remaining 65% payment should be settled at least 60 days before the date of the wedding.
How can we pay for our wedding?
To confirm all arrangements, please send us the completed reservation form with your credit card or bank payment details via e-mail or fax.

Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please Email Us