Getting Legally Married at BaliDecember 9, 2014
It’s not that you are getting married every day. So how about choosing a foreign location to commemorate the new life you are about to step in? Bali, in this regard, has emerged out as the most popular destination among couples to get married in an exotic way. The beauty of the island and the natural fauna creates a romantic essence perfect for a heavenly nuptial. Therefore, if you desire a captivating wedding, Bali is the ideal destination. Now comes the most significant question, and that is concerning the factors, making your marriage legally acceptable. All you need to do is follow few procedures and fill in some legal papers to get your wedding officially recognized.

You can do this in two ways- Legally and Non-legally.

Non-Legally Married

Non-legal does not mean illegal. This is just a manner of wedding where you come to Bali only to celebrate the occasion socially with friends and families. The couples do not have to get involved into any legal hassles. Just choose a location and get in touch with a wedding planner in Bali. Rest back and let the planner organize everything. Usually, a celebrant who is not a real priest is hired to perform the ceremony. As per the location is concerned, you can choose it according to your practice or you can opt for special places like beaches, villas and so on. If you want something different then go for the traditional Balinese ceremony for your wedding. Once you are done, go back to your country and get legally married.

Legally Married

If you are really interested in getting married legally in Bali then get ready to meet up the norms and other clauses as per the marriage laws of Indonesia. Hence, you need to perform to both religious and civil ceremony here. If you practice any of these faith- Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity (Protestant and Catholic), your wedding is recognized in Indonesia. Balinese temples are not allowed for performing the event but you can choose any other venue. It is better to consult with consulate of your country or any other legal representation to avoid any confusion. Couples, apart from Muslims, need to file ‘Notice of Intention to marry’ at the Civil Registry Office and even present a ‘Certificate of non-Impediment’ from their embassy in Indonesia. Apart from these, passport, photographs are some of the other documents you need to provide to declare yourself legally married in Bali.

So, plan your wedding accordingly and make your special day flawless.

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