PlanningWedding Dress, Reception, Photographer in Bali
Wedding Dress, Reception, Photographer in Bali
Wedding in Bali is a union of love with beauty of nature. When you are coming from a distant land to commemorate the special day in your life, apprehensions increase. You try to find the ideal venue for wedding reception in Bali or getting the right wedding dress in Bali. Apart from these, you would also want to hire a Bali wedding photographer to get the moments captured and framed. It is undoubtedly difficult to manage everything when you hardly know anything about the island. Bali Wedding Planners can help you in decorating your dream wedding because we understand your desires. Organizing and planning your perfect dream destination wedding in Bali is a very big undertaking, especially when you are not here physically yourself. At our initial discussion, we will help you create a personalized and detailed program outlining your vision and ideas through the early stages of planning your wedding. From there, we will recommend professional and trustworthy vendors for each of the segments of your wedding that compliments your vision/style, negotiate the contracts and hand you choices so you can make your final preference. Based on the services that you choose from us, we will ensure that vendors can meet your vision, style, and budget plan. We'll be in the background making sure everything is getting done the way we planned it together so you can relax and enjoy yourself. With this simple guideline below, we will help you to meticulously plan and coordinate your Bali wedding to perfection from beginning to end.

STEP 1: Pick Your Date
Bali has tropical climate all year with two different seasons namely dry season from April to October and wet season from November to March. However, like everywhere else in the world, rain in general is unpredictable and even during the dry season, you can expect the occasional rain or vice versa. Depending on your date chosen, you can expect some special offers during the low season.

STEP 2 : A Legal or Non Legal Wedding Ceremony
The legalized ceremony with proper papers and certificates will take extra time to apply for, therefore it is vital to make a decision on the type of ceremony you wish to have at the very beginning. Once this decision is made, we will help you with the necessary process such that you get your proper documents in a timely manner for your wedding day.

STEP 3: The Wedding Venue
Though your wedding celebration may last only one day, finding the best place to hold it will help ensure a lifetime of wonderful memories. No matter what type of reception you'd like to have, there's a location that's right for you. Whether held in a church, a luxurious private villa, a hotel or restaurant, imagine all the possibilities and we will search for the ideal location for you. Most of the locations will charge a venue fee, if held in a private villa, the night's accommodation may be the fee instead. If you choose a hotel or restaurant, most of the time, the food and beverage spent will have to meet a certain requirement and that may be the venue fee.

STEP 4: Dinner Reception and Catering
Like the ceremony, the reception and catering should reflect your overall wedding style. Your reception can range from an elaborately planned formal sit-down dinner to a relaxed yet elegant semiformal buffet luncheon, a glamorous cocktail party, or a casual brunch. No matter which style you choose, we will set those standards to your personal style. Bali also has a selected list of professional caterers to choose from depending on your food taste, theme and style.You also want to be absolutely certain that your venue can comfortably hold the number of guests you wish to invite. It also must accommodate any activities you want, such as a band, dj and dancing.

STEP 5: Flowers and Decorations
Flowers and decorations may be important to most when it comes to adding the "fine detail" to a wedding. They set the scene and the tone, add glamour and style, and are part of all the finishing touches that will make your wedding unique. Whether you are classic, glamorous or romantic, we will find the perfect bouquet/arrangement to suit your style.

STEP 6: Photographer/Videographer
A picture is worth a thousand words. The events of your wedding will flash by: your first kiss as husband and wife; laughter and tears of joy; family and friends toasting and dancing. With a professional photographer/videographer, your wedding can be preserved for you and generations to come. Depending on your budget, we have a list of highly professional photographers and videographers who will definitely catch all the memorable moments for you. We will make sure that the photographer/videographer will shoot the personalized style you are after.

STEP 7: Wedding Attire
One of the biggest decisions you will face as the big day approaches is choosing the perfect wedding attire. The process of shopping for a wedding dress/suit can be a fabulous adventure, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming. The weather in Bali can be rather hot throughout and it would be advisable not to have your attire too fancy or extravagant, although, it is your wedding day and you should wear what you feel comfortable in. also has a boutique which caters to the latest trends of wedding dresses and suits, by the American label IBECO, should you wish to either rent or buy.

STEP 8: Hair and Make-Up
Depending on your style, whether romantic, classic, regal or natural, Bali has hair and make-up stylists available to take your dream look, match it with your hair type and length, and give you great ideas for your perfect wedding day. We offer a make-up trial 2 days before your wedding day to make sure that you have the look that is the best fit for your unique taste and preferences. On your wedding day, we will provide on-site makeup stylists to make sure you look your absolute best when you walk down the aisle.

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