There are some words and phrases used in the wedding industry that you may not be familiar with. Some of these are very specific to Bali. Here is a list of useful vocabulary to help you understand your wedding plan, and what you can expect.

    skirt that is fitted at the hips and gradually widens towards the hem. The style suits most ladies and designers like to use this shape when making a skirt or gown.

  • Balinese Gamelan Band

    powerful, traditional Balinese music band normally used for temple ceremonies or a dance performance.

  • Balinese Flower Girl

    flower girls in traditional Balinese costume, to add an exotic element to your wedding theme.

  • Banjar Fee

    for venues located within a village community, a fee is payable for weddings with more than 30 pax that continue into the night. The Banjar has a team of members, who makes sure the venue is secure and traffic smooth.

  • Bouquet

    an arrangement of cut flowers, referring to the special flower arrangement held by bride during the wedding ceremony.

  • Boutonniere

    flower décor for a man, normally worn as single flower or with a little extra contrast

  • Buffet

    variety of food set up on tables for guests to serve themselves.

  • Chapel

    small independent churchlike edifice, devoted to special services. Mainly used for wedding ceremonies in Bali.

  • Cocktail Party

    standing party without table or chair arrangement. Guests can freely walk around with waiters serving food and drinks.

  • Commemorative Wedding Certificate

    Wedding certificate for ceremonial use that has no legal power.

  • CONI

    Certificate Of No Impediment to marry

  • Corkage Fee

    convenience fee when guests bring their own wine to a restaurant. Waiters will be able to serve your wine for you.

  • Course Dinner or Plated Dinner

    set menu for appetiser, main course and dessert.

  • Favour

    small gift from the bride and groom to their guests, to say thank you for being part of their important day.

  • Hotel Villa

    an independent property within hotel grounds that has five rooms or more.

  • Kebaya and Sarong

    Balinese or Indonesian traditional costume.

  • Open Bar

    a bar at a reception where the host has paid all costs up front. Guests can order whatever they want during any time during the event.

  • Petal Confetti

    flower petals used to celebrate the climax of the wedding usually scattered on the Bride and Groom on their way out from the ceremonial area.

  • Prenuptial

    an agreement between the couple before they enter the marriage, especially regarding settlement of personal property before and during marriage, or in the event of divorce.

  • Private Villa

    a very individual property with private pool, personal butler and car, as well as a driver and chef team to serve residents only.

  • Programme

    small handbook for each guest including wedding schedule and details of what the priest, bride and groom will say during the ceremony.

  • Trial Make-up and Hair

    a session where the bride can meet the make-up artist to discuss the best look for the wedding day. Normally takes place one or two days before the wedding.

  • Umbrella Boy

    boy in traditional Balinese costume who carries a Balinese umbrella for the couple during the wedding ceremony.

  • Virgin Road

    The path from the ceremony entrance to the ceremony table, such as the altar in a chapel. Saying is adapted from Japanese culture. In Bali, it refers to a path covered with fresh flower petals.

  • Vow Renewal

    an opportunity for couples that have been married for years to romantically renew their vows.

  • Wedding Theme

    subject for the wedding, reflected in the decorations and possibly attire. (e.g. Fairy Tale)

  • Wedding Reception

    lunch or dinner for guests and the wedding couple to celebrate after the wedding ceremony.

  • Welcome Board

    sign, prominently displayed at the reception that includes the name of couple and welcomes their guests to their wedding.